Baby Teething Mitten The Delight Paw

Delight Paw Baby Teething Mitten

A solution that costs less than 1 month of Netflix.

2 mitts $11.99


Mom and dad’s job is tough – we want to help.

The solution is simple.


Teething baby


Delight Paw


Happy baby

Prevents skin damage.

Hands go into the mouth of a teething baby, leading to painful scratches on their hands, blisters, and cracked, irritated skin from excessive saliva and thumb sucking.


Prevents odor.

Baby teething mitten means less saliva on hands and clothes, preventing stinky dried saliva.


The Delight Paw baby teething mitten also…

  • Relieves teething pain

    The food-grade silicone has a ribbed texture, designed to soothe pain when rubbed against gums.

  • Stays securely fastened

    The adjustable Velcro strap secures the gloves, keeping your baby sucking on the food-grade silicone

  • Saves precious time

    The soft and breathable fabric absorbs drool, instead of your baby’s hands and clothes, saving time and money from less laundry.

  • Entertains your baby

    The teething mitten has vibrant contrasting patterns and colors, and crinkling material, keeping your baby occupied.

How it works.

The Delight Paw

What else?

Can be worn on either hand.

100% cotton for comfort.

Hygienic travel bag.

The Delight Paw baby teething mitten is safe for babies.

Meets or exceeds all safety regulations including

Materials BPA-free, non-toxic, and approved by

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Baby Teething Mitten The Delight Paw

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